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Procedural Cover, Copy, & Compare (P-CCC)

Procedural Cover, Copy, & Compare (P-CCC) was designed to be used with students who can fluently complete basic fact skills (>40 DC/M) but are unable to complete multi-digit computation problems  accurately or above 20 DC/M. This pattern of responding is indicative of a student who lacks the procedural skill set needed to apply his/her prior knowledge of fact skills. P-CCC is a multi-component intervention that incorporates teacher demonstration, guided practice using visual cues, independent practice, and performance feedback with re-teaching (if needed). This same instructional sequence is used across all skills (i.e., +, -, x, ÷). The combination of these approaches integrates modeling, cueing, and feedback to encourage errorless learning but also fades supports so students independently apply and practice the taught procedural skills.

Directions for training and implementation are included in the intervention worksheets below. These materials are taken directly from the MIND: Skill Remediation section teaching multi-digit computation skills

P-CCC Worksheets

                        Multi-Digit Addition                                                                                    Multi-Digit Subtraction

                     Multi-Digit Multiplication                                                                                 Multi-Digit Division

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