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Cover, Copy, & Compare

Cover, Copy, Compare (CCC) was designed to be used with an individual or group of students who need to increase accuracy and fluency when completing basic math facts (i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). For students who respond inaccurately, CCC provides procedures that ensure errorless learning and for students who respond accurately but slowly (e.g., less than 20 correct digits per minute) CCC provides repeated practice. While CCC will primarily be used in elementary grades, older students with accuracy and/or fluency deficiencies in basic fact skills can benefit as well. The MIND also uses CCC to link skills by teaching part-part-whole relationships by using fact families.

Download CCC intervention packet here -

CCC: Standard Intervention Worksheets

CCC: Standard worksheets focus on building accuracy. To do this efficiently item sets are reduced into 3 sets (Set A, B, & C) for each operation. Begin by intervening on Set A, then B, and lastly C. Use subskill assessments included in progress monitoring section to evaluate intervention effects.

CCC: Fact Family Intervention Worksheets

CCC: Fact Family worksheets were designed to be used as a task to promote generalization and are used in conjunction with cloze problems in an effort to teach students fact families, part-part-whole relationships, and how addition/subtraction & multiplication/division problems are related (These materials also make up Unit 2.1 in the MIND: Skill Remediation section). Monitor student progress using the cloze worksheets located in the progress monitoring section.

CCC: FF - Addition
CCC: FF - Subtraction
CCC: FF - Multiplication
CCC: FF - Division
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