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Explicit Timing

Explicit Timing (ET) was designed to be used with both individual and groups of students who need to increase fluent responding when completing basic math facts. This antecedent timing procedure is appropriate for students who accurately respond to fact problems but do so slowly. ET procedures were designed to increase rates of responding and consequently the speed with which students respond to basic fact problems . The effects of ET can be enhanced when paired with performance feedback (e.g., self-graphing) and reward.

Download Explicit Timing Intervention Packet here -

Explicit Timing Worksheets

For each operation we are providing 4 packets. The first three packets consist of 3 smaller sets of 24 problems that are mutually exclusive and the fourth and final packet contains worksheets with all problems of the operation (n=72). None of our probes have problems that contain 0's or 1's in an effort to increase learning rates. Use subskill assessments included in the progress monitoring section to evaluate intervention effects of the restricted sets (Set A, Set B, & Set C) and use single skill probes sampling all problems to monitor progress of the full set.

ET Addition: Set C
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