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Flashcard Drill & Practice Intervention

Flashcard Drill & Practice (D&P) has been used in educational settings and provides opportunities for students to acquire and practice discrete skills. Examples of such skills include number identification and basic math fact problems. With Flashcard D&P, students repeatedly practice target skills several times until they can accurately respond to the target items. Flashcard practice consists of the teacher showing a flashcard, prompting a response, and providing feedback. Daily use of this intervention has been shown to result in increased accuracy and fluency.

Download Flashcard D&P intervention packet here -

Download Instructional Materials: Flashcards can be made by simply writing the target item on a 3x5" notecard or buying pre-made flashcards containing math fact problems. Given the wide availability of pre-made flashcards we recommend that educators purchase or make them for the following skills: Number Identification, Basic Facts, & Number Sets.

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