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MIND: Skill Remediation - Addition

MIND: Skill Remediation - Addition contains a total of 8 Units that target three skill areas (Computational Proficiency, Part-Part-Whole Relationships, & Multi-Digit Problems) for students with skill deficits in addition. Once a student can successfully meet the prescribed benchmark criteria across these skills he/she will have mastered computations skills in the area of addition.


Skill 1: Building Computational Proficiency - These intervention Units target basic fact proficiency and contain 4 Units. If a student scores below 20 DC/M they go directly to Unit 1.1a. If the student scores above 20 DC/M then they begin with Unit 1.4. All Units remove problems containing the numerals 0 and 1. These are simple rule based problems that should already be mastered and the inclusion of these problems slows student learning. Print out Units below.


Skill 2: Part-Part-Whole Relationships - This intervention Unit links basic fact skills to related operations (e.g., addition to subtraction)  where students alternate across two tasks. During the first task students use CCC with fact triangles to write related addition/subtraction problems. The second task requires students to complete cloze math problems (e.g., 8+__=12). These activities emphasize part-part-whole relationships, show how number families across operations are related, and provide practice for students to use algebraic thinking (e.g., a+8=12, what is = to a). Print out Unit below.


Skill 3: Mastery of Multi-Digit Problems - These intervention Units were designed to teach students to solve multi-digit computation problems. Specifically, instructional scripts are provided that combine teacher demonstration, guided practice with visual cues, independent practice, and performance feedback to teach students how to solve multi-digit addition problems. First, students will learn how to do 3+3 digit w/out regrouping, then 2+1 digit w/ regrouping, and lastly 3+3 digit w/ regrouping. Print out Units below.


Each of these sections have different Units that target computation skills and includes an assessment that is administered after completion of the Unit to monitor student progress. Specific decision making guidelines are included that will provide recommendations for what intervention to do next (i.e., should the student repeat the Unit or move to a more advanced Unit). At this time you should have already completed the assessment on the MIND: Skill Remediation page and have identified the Unit your student(s) will start in. Links to each of the Units are located directly above this paragraph. Be sure to read through the packet and provide training to the student as needed.

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